BELDEN 8259 (1.000ft) RG-58A/U type coaxial cable
BELDEN 8259 (1.000ft) RG-58A/U type coaxial cable

BELDEN 8259 (1.000ft) RG-58A/U type coaxial cable

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Belden ref. 8237 0101000 is a Coaxial Cable with 13AWG solid bare copper conductor and a polyethylene insulation. This coax-RG-8/U JAN-C-17A type cable comes with a black PVC jacket and bare copper braid shield (95% coverage). The coaxial cable is perhaps the most common, basic and easy-to-understand cables. Basically, this cable is used to transmit electrical energy or signals, from one location to another, to connect a source to a load, such as a transmitter to an antenna.

  • 845.158N Maximum recommended pulling tension
  • 0.259199µH/m Nominal inductance
  • 66% Nominal velocity of propagation
  • 6.2339Ω/km at 20°C Nominal conductor DC resistance (DCR)
  • -40 to 75°C Operating temperature range


Communications & Networking, Defence, Military & Aerospace

The Belden RG8-type cable uses RG8 connectors. The coaxial cable is available in bulk and is sold in a 1000 foot length.

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